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Automotive Plastic Mold

GDM concentrates on the tooling design and manufacture of automotive lighting parts, interior decoration parts, exterior decoration parts and air-conditioning parts. There is a professional technical team who manage the automotive project quality and process. In this team,  special engineers for pre-study part optimization, tooling designing and tooling assembly. Big horizontal CNC machine, 5-axis CNC machine and double-ends EDM will have super advantages for machining big-size, high-falling lighting tools. At the same time, the lead time can also be shortened.

Children Seat Mold

There is no burr in the critical positions of parts. High request on the steps, to be controlled within 0.03mm. The part is thick, but GDM can achieve relative short injection cycle. Pre-deformation analysis is needed in the stage of parts pre-study to control part deformation, as high request on the injection cooling time and deep cavity on the part structure. Now the production can be totally automatic and the mold structure is very stable.

OA & Other Mold

It mainly includes the printer mold, which has high requirement on the deformation and dimension control. For visible parts, some have the need of texture; for invisible parts, some are precised connecting components and driving elements. The mounting dimension has to be controlled within 0.05mm and the dimension within 0.3mm. High volume on the production for this kind of mold, so the hard steel needs to be considered for use to keep the mold life and production cycle time.

Home Appliance Mold

Home appliances molds mainly cover air conditioning, electric appliance etc. This kind of mold is specialized in the characters of short lead time& injection cycle time, average mold life with more than 500,000 shots, auto-production and high stability & precision. In the field of home appliance molds, we own professional groups of research & development, and long time of manufacture & great competitiveness.

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