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Automotive Stamping Die

As automotive stamping parts material is thick, part shape is complex and need high control on the safety performance and quality, so it’s difficult to design the automotive stamping dies. GDM has good experience for providing automotive stamping dies for domestic and overseas customers for interior structural parts. The dies GDM made have been used for mass production and the dies quality have been highly approved by customers.

OA & Other Stamping Die

According to the requirements of the product shape, size, precision, material properties, production batch, stamping equipment and so on, GDM need to make comprehensive analysis and research, on the premise of meet the requirements of stamping parts quality, to maximize the narrow width, reduce waste, improve the stamping number and ensure the stability of production, achieve the goal of cost reduction.

Home Appliances Die

Owning plenty of experience in the area of home appliance stamping dies, GDM can provide a complete set of safe and efficient proposals to make big and complex dies, multi-operation automatic dies and half-automation dies. The dies we made own high quality, stable production and global customers.

  • Products Parameter

    • Mold name:Bottom Frame
    • Mold no.:
    • Mold material:
    • Mold dimension:1340 X 1035.0 X 460.0
    • Product dimension:283.4 X 673.8 X 37.8
    • Tonnage:1934KG
    • Mold name:Front Plate
    • Mold no.:
    • Mold material:
    • Mold dimension:1400 X 1005.0 X 460.0
    • Product dimension:675.0 X 529.8 X 70.0
    • Tonnage:2286KG
    • Mold name:Partition Plate
    • Mold no.:
    • Mold material:
    • Mold dimension:900 X 670.0 X 460.0
    • Product dimension:218.4 X 574.0 X 246.4
    • Tonnage:765.5KG
    • Mold name:Left Side Plate
    • Mold no.:
    • Mold material:
    • Mold dimension:2060 X 1230.0 X 460.0
    • Product dimension:275.0 X 706.6 X 72.50
    • Tonnage:3333.7KG
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