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30 years of sheet metal stamping technology, dreaming to provide free product optimization

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Sheet metal stamping mould industry GDM has 30 years of mould technology and serves all kinds of large enterprise at home and aboard, covering the fields of automobile, bassinet, office and household appliance. Now let’s take a look at the surprise GDM giving to the customers in sheet metal stamping mould structure design.

The traditional design of sheet metal stamping mould cam locator is a whole package, but having the following problems:

1.Hardness in assembly and disassembly

2.High cost: during the production, locating slot touching directly to the sliders and the whole locator needed to be made with hard material of (CR12MOV).

3.Processing hardness: locator over 600mm need large scale CNC three sides processing; lots of problems will appear for the large whole locator which is no need to use hard material except for the dovetail slot.

Through improvement design, GDM realized the cost deduction:

Raw material cost deduction: locator change 56 CR12MOV into 45#

Processing cost deduction: sliders lifter side wiring cut 45.5%, saving the most time of CNC processing time. Appliance of two-side slider reduces the cost of 8680 for each.

Convenience in disassembly and maintenance: The most time of sliders disassembly and maintenance are mostly spending on the small dovetail slot. If appearing the broken problem, it just needs to change the small inserts. The new structure of sliders can be used universally in partition plate, front plate and side plate mould etc.

GDM precision mould insists on the aim of beyond customer’s anticipation and creates a world class mould industry. We concentrate on the whole product scheme, technology and equipment for precise injection mold, sheet metal stamping die, precise press tool, and precise parts machining. We provide one-stop service by offering free optimization for the customers who can save cost, enhance producing efficiency and realize the perfect quality and super short cycle.

If you are interested in the product of GDM or have any questions, please feel free to contact us with on-line service and free call which are on the right side and we are pleased to serve you.

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