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Sekisui Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1961, mainly engaged in plastic, housing-related tubes, and other various types of precision injection mold design, production (such as car dashboard, bumper large precision injection mold, medical, food containers of small precision injection mold), molding machine and associated equipment, automation equipment design, production. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, party city, 24 in domestic and overseas production bases and sales in more than 19 countries, mainly for overseas markets.

In February 2014, gree daikin began accepting water machine product quotation, in the understanding of gree daikin precision injection mold technology ability and level, after formally began in March 2014, after nearly two years of understanding and break-in, gree daikin mold mainly to help customers make large car interior and exterior trim precision mold parts and precision molds, precision injection molded parts manufactured by gree daikin, good precision, satisfies the customer the delivery, get the customer the consistent high praise.

Part Info.

Precision injection molds, precision injection molded parts


A total of 35 parts; A total of 2 moulds

Application area

Auto area


(Die size, weight, press machine tonnage, precision and technology)

Mould weight : MAX - 15000 kg

The mould size : MAX - 930 * 1400 * 1400 (mm)

Product size : MAX - 1021 X489X 430 (mm)

Features :

1, products for the car dashboard, product structure is complex, high safety performance test requirements;

2, mold using the original body structure, reduce the period of poor product, burr;

3, mold design for 1 x1, heavy mold, deep cavity, parts need heavy five-axis machine tool processing.

Gree daikin mould quality is very good, no problem, the machining accuracy and quality inspection system completely satisfies the requirement of our company, very satisfied.--------- Sekisui

Gree daikin is a leading international precision mould manufacturer, gree daikin precision injection mold to produce maximum size is 2500 mm (L) X 1800 mm (W) X 1200 mm (H), maximum weight is 25 tons. Cover the cold runner mold, hot runner mold, no flow mark shaped mold, multi-color molding mould, etc. Various type of embedded toolings. Short delivery, high quality, high production stability. For precision injection molding, precision stamping products of a complete set of solutions of technology and equipment, product project to provide one-stop service for customers.

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