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WL (China) children products co., LTD, baby car precision plastic mold

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WL was founded in January 1993, the main development and production is high-end baby cart, infant car seats, cribs and high chairs, etc. By high-tech industries attaches great importance to the way of management and R&D strategy of quality improvement, pursuit of stabilizer manufacture can make the baby safe and comfortable, mother at ease use of infant products. Annual sales of 4 billion RMB, the main sales market in Europe and the United States some countries.

GDM was investigated by WL at the end of 2012. After realized GDM, WL started cooperation with GDM at November of 2012. 2 years well cooperated help GDM supported WL produce baby car. What’s more, these tools made by GDM were help customer shorten cycle time, reach stable manufacturing. Till now, WL awarded all new project to GDM and cooperated for nearly 3 years.

Part Info.

Baby car precision plastic mold


over 200sets

Application area

baby car-Auto baby seat


(Die size, weight, press machine tonnage, precision and technology)

Tool weight:MAX-7,400KG

Tool size:MAX-1,000*900*1,100(mm)

Part size:MAX-745*519*464(mm)

Part characteristics:

1. Products as advanced seat for children with its complex structure, high safety performance test requirements;

2. Cavity 1x1 with tunnel slider pull-coring at both sides;

3. Some functional strengthening ribs are very deep, machining by BeCu plus special cooling way.

GDM is first-class precision mold maker all over the world. It can make maximum part with 2500 mm(L)X 1800 mm(W) X 1200(H)mm and 25T precision plastic mold, covering cold runner, hot runner, no flow mark forming mold, muti-color mold, embedded mold and so on.GDM is famous of short delivery, high quality and stable production advantage.

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