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Heat energy sheet metal stamping die

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Ariston is a global expert in water heating and heating products, headquarter is located in Fabriano, north of Italy, which was founded in 1930. Covering 12 production sites, 32 branches overseas, selling its products in more than 150 countries. Annual sales of 7400,000 water heaters and heating products, annual sales of up to 1,340 million Euros.

GDM had the honor to made 6 sets sheet metal dies for water heaters ending cap for Vietnam site at May, 2012. Before this, Wuxi site had known well about GDM’s technical skill and provided GDM technical support, which helped this project deliver in advance to Vietnam, so that mass production smoothly.

Part Info.

water heaters ending cap project for sheet metal die


in total 6 sets

Application area

Home appliance---- water heaters


(Die size, weight, press machine tonnage, precision and technology)

die size 326mmX326mmX125mm;

die weight 1.5T;

part size730mmX780mmX740mm;

press machine size;

part material: zinc coated plate

Part Advantage: It belongs to deep draw part, used at the two sides of water heater.

Now these dies have manufactured over 2 years with very stable performance. Not only Wuxi site but also Italy site has intension start cooperation with GDM at this year.

GDM is first-class precision mold maker all over the world. It can make maximum part with 4300mm(L) X 1500 mm (W) X 600 mm (H) and 25T stamping die within below 800T press machine, including single die, progressive die and automatic transfer mode of robot and so on.

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