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The USA NPE Plastic International Exhibition

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Orlando, Florida, US

Exhibition background:

The USA NPE Plastic International Exhibition,Once every three years(it was the 8th in this year),it’s the most spectacular and longest plastic exhibition in the USA. The USA NPE Plastic International Exhibition began in 1946 and it was the second biggest exhibition in the world,sponsored by American Industry Association.Sold to cover from Canada to Chile.

There were 2015 companies join the exhibition this year,and 43% company was out of the USA.There were two halls, one is south hall and the other is west hall in the exhibition.

The west hall of exhibition was used to exhibit the hot runners, injection machines, automatic equipment and so on, It was total more than 650 companies ;There were 1365 company in the south hall,80% companies were mold companies,15% were plastic, package, recycling companies and so on.5% were 3D print ,service companies and so on. There were total 413 Chinese companies ,it was third of all.Increased 21.3% than 2012. 90% were auto mould manufacturer. Other major overseas countries and regions, Canada (75), Italy (57), Taiwan (51), Germany (35), India (33), Turkey (25), Switzerland (21), France (20) and Korea (14). Two of the most closely watched and still is the 3 d printing technology with high speed and high yield stamping/injection mould.

The exhibition style:

The graph is our booth visitors constantly, ask products

The exhibition harvest:

GDM gains a high popularity in the exhibition, at the same time have important implications for GDM to develop the us market. The U.S. economy's current performance belongs to the growth market, and in 2015 the U.S. light vehicle sales to about 17 million vehicles, the momentum is so strong behind the auto industry, the GDM quickly realized the value of the American market, so we confirmed to further explore the scope of the market in the americas. But because the cost of transportation and technology under the influence of the comprehensive factors such as cost, most domestic mould manufacturer's advantages are not obvious. And our company adopts full series equipment imported from Japan, in the mold precision has been done on the leading domestic, and improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost is our future to enter the American market must strive to direction.

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