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German EHEIM aquarium precision injection mold

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Germany EHEIM company was founded in 1949, production base is located in Germany, Essex (Deizisau). As a high-end products, aquatic animals, Abraham to produce high quality filter, water pump, heating rods and other aquatic equipment, from the invention of the world's first external filter has more than 40 years, the EHEIM and stable quality, durable performance, and environmental protection and humanized design, always leading the entire aquarium technology development trend, and become the world aquarium hobbyists trust and respected brands. As a pioneer of modern aquatic science and technology, the EHEIM companies has been the world leader for decades.

On July 30, 2014, the German khan (EHEIM) under its guangzhou office to introduce, visit the gree daikin precision mold co., LTD. Originally just a routine inspection, but didn't want to contribute to the two high quality enterprise cooperation. Germany EHEIM before that never with any, a precision injection mould manufacturer in China, and with direct cooperation. Although once had also visited some precision injection mold manufacturer, but always can not meet the full range of high demand. He found thousands of baidu, suddenly look back in zhuhai's golden west road. During the visit, customers have been asking and record the scene of the technology, management, environmental protection measures such as the details of every aspect, and the gree daikin 5 s site management, strictly according to have never seen such a high standard, strict management, strong strength of precision injection mold manufacturing enterprises in China. After the visit, immediately leave the product, the quotation for reference.

Large foreign companies to choose Chinese suppliers generally cautious, usually after a long time to review, is even more German companies, a year to two years. But Germany the EHEIM companies from inspection to confirm cooperation issued the first order took only four and a half months. First cooperation project aquatic product precision injection molds, gree daikin has exceed customer expectations of delivery, and passed the acceptance, mold production stability. The new project cooperation with customers never interrupt, cooperation is very happy.

Part information Precision injection mold
quantity more than 3 molds
application area Aquatic

Technical difficulties

(mold size, mold weight, press tonnage, precision molds, 

mold process requirements)


Mold dimension:MAX-2,120*1570*1,340(mm)

Product dimension:MAX-611*310*30(mm)

Mold Features:




Gree daikin mold quality, first-class service, exceed customer expectations, as customers loyal friends to solve customer's problems.

Gree daikin is a leading international precision mould manufacturer, gree daikin precision injection mold to produce maximum size is 2500 mm (L) X 1800 mm (W) X 1200 mm (H), maximum weight is 25 tons. Cover the cold runner mold, hot runner mold, no flow mark shaped mold, multi-color molding mould, etc. Various type of embedded toolings. Short delivery, high quality, high production stability.

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