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[Good News] GDM won the third prize of the

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GDM’s ‘mold processing programming information standardization and automation system project’ won the third prize of the" China machinery industry science and technology prize".

To accelerate the standardization of mould processing work, GDM founded organization ‘mould processing programming standards information group’ in April 2013. six months, through continuous research and development and testing, after basic data collection, data processing and evaluation, the process parameters to standardize programming guidance planning, standardized programming related database customization, secondary development planning according to the actual needs, standardized programming test and promotion were collect in six months later. On September 2013, the group completed the preliminary framework of the "processing programming information standardization and automation system", and the system was carried out on June 2014 formally.

This research not only perfected the enterprise standardization work mould processing programming, and improved the efficiency of small parts CNC - CAM programming by about 20%, but also improved the efficiency of CNC machining by about 7%, at the same time, it reduced the prevention of equipment safety accident caused by a CAM factors over 10 times.

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