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NPE reflects the transformation in the precision mold manufacturing industry in China

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NPE2015 collected more than 400 Chinese exhibitors and accounted for one 5 of all exhibitors. But most of the companies hold "wait and see" attitude for capacity planning. At the same time, in order to digest the existing capacity, they are eager to open or to expand export markets. Wang Yuzhang, Suzhou tyrone mold co., LTD's marketing manager, tells the plastic news, "the current domestic and European and American markets are not very clear, so everyone choose wait and see." The company for the first time the NPE, main purpose is to attract more business in South America. Jia tyrone currently has two precision mold factory, a total of 6000 square meters of production area, 150 employees. 80% of the business focus on automotive precision mold.

"If we can get more orders, we will consider selling land to build factories," he said, "we are currently still rent a factory." The company's main export market is Germany, and has offices in Germany. But the euro fell very unfavorable to the product export to Europe. "Because we are in the domestic cost based on RMB, cost rise year after year, so the price not drop space. The euro in the immediate aftermath, China mold and die euro prices rose sharply, and Portugal now mould products in a similar price level." When it comes to overall development trend of precision mould and plastic industry, he said, "development too fast in the past." So the adjustment and transformation is inevitable way.

At the beginning of 2008, many traditional export enterprises are encouraged to domestic demand during the global economic recession. But now the domestic economic growth also to a trough in more than 20 years. Shenzhen Willie preferred precision mould co., LTD., the competent business Ceng Yin also made a similar point of view.

"Global market downturn, haven't heard of a company in capacity now," she said. Precision mold industry spot position is that most enterprises is lower, specializing in price competition, high technical content of the very few. If you want to change out of this dilemma, you have to invest, buy higher-end processing machine, raise the level of technology. The company has 70% of products exported to overseas markets. Although the business has just started in the United States, this exhibition NPE is hoping to understand & communicate with customers face to face.

A NPE Chinese exhibitors also brought gratifying business expansion plans: Guangzhou with laser rapid molding co., LTD. The company booth located in the center of the 3 d printing zone, close to 3 d Systems, such as the global industry giants. Vice chairman Deng Qiao said that the company was founded in 2003, is currently the domestic rapid prototyping industry one of the leading enterprises, for the automotive, medical and other industries to provide new product research and development support and small batch production.

The company currently has more than 50 sets of various equipment, 250 employees. Headquarters in Shenzhen, in Guangzhou has three locations, and plans to this inner set up branches in Shanghai next year. At the same time, the company is also in the investment for special material of 3 d printing applications. "The market is undergoing profound changes," he said, "a lot of investment, promote technological progress. Some process will be eliminated, some win." With most of the business in the domestic, accounts for about sixty percent. Deng Qiao said, the auto industry in 3 d printing is very big, how to create the market demand. Automobile manufacturing center moved to China, not only research and development are also transferred to the home, he added. The company's customers include Volvo, well-known brands such as BMW, Mercedes-benz, Porsche. "The development direction of the future is more demanding, more professional," he concluded.

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