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Recaro Child Safety Company outsources car seat production molding business to plastic mold supplier in Michigan

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Michigan AUBURN HILLS - Recaro Child Safety LLC President John Riedl don't need to be traveled to other places looking for injection molding, to the largest of its production car seat parts, these parts will be in the distance, 35 miles north of Detroit factory assembly. Guardia, Recaro company under a new product - polypropylene casing and other 13 kinds of smaller, more for nylon and acetal material of parts will be in the interval of two house number, located in Auburn Hills Delta Engineered Plastics LLC company production.

Recaro with Delta company signed a multi-year parts production contract, the latter for the various transportation and industrial customers supply components for car seats. If the car safety seat in the sales of the expected 200000, the deal is expected to bring the Delta company earnings of $5 million.

Delta company COO Barry Kempa said: "in fact Recaro company can outsource this part of the business to any company around the world, but they chose a Michigan company. This is made on the current revival of American manufacturing best proof, can become a part of the Renaissance spring let us feel happy. Recaro is vigorously its business from overseas to the United States; the company is actively contact the supplier, especially still did not get rid of depression shadow, Michigan.

Gree Daikin , the leading supplier in the precision mold manufacturing for car safty seat who has advanced equipment , creative research, rich assets, strong production capacity.Car safety seat has high safety and reliability requirements, strict testing standards, comfortable and beautiful sex to two or more things, so production quality stability is critical. Because with accumulated plenty of experience in design and production of car seat mold, Gree Daikin can help your company to optimize the product quality, improve production efficiency & the stability of the production target.

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The advantages GDM has on Car safety seat mold:


Big Part size

small part size

Seat cover upper/ lower

Part size




370x340x55 mm

Mold size




Manufacturing lead time

about 55days

save 10 days comparing with competitors

about 45days

save 7 days comparing with competitors

about 50days

save 8 days comparing with competitors

Cycle time

can reach 57s

8s save 8s comparing with competitors

can reach 45s

save 7s comparing with competitors

can reach 42s

8save 8s comparing with competitors

Inspection pass rate



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