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World precision mold tooling center move to China, overall strength need to be promoted

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At present, China precision mold industry has entered the leading position in the world. Precision mold industry in China now, for the private enterprise is at least 70% of China's main force of the development of precision mold industry. China gradually becomes the world's superpower metal processing and export, and has become one of the great powers of world metals production, who has vast potential market and consumption.

From the marketing aspect, the domestic market is a big demand for high-grade precision mold. According to the forecast, "twelfth five-year" period, smooth mold market overall trend is upward smoothly, but it requires the domestic mold must be in terms of quality, delivery time & the needs of users. Moreover, household appliances, plastic products automobile industry request the biggest demands for mold.

In the new wave of world economic integration, global manufacturing to accelerate the shift towards the Chinese mainland has been the trend of The Times, China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Obvious advantages especially the pearl river delta region in Guangdong, mold production center in the world within ten years development. As China's domestic demand continues to increase, can be expected in 2013 China mold and die industry still has large growth. Especially in the automotive industry, has led to the rapid development of China precision mold industry, to promote precision mold enterprise rapid transformation and upgrading.

The personage inside course of study thinks, strengthen independent innovation, industry in the transformation of the mode of growth, optimizing the industrial structure, more need high levels of mold machinery and equipment, the development of precision mold industry provide a broad space for development. More importantly, the implementation of the "twelfth five-year", and the development of emerging strategic industry policy, the policy of regional development planning and the development of the equipment manufacturing industry will provide a new growth point for precision mold industry. With manufacturing in the developed countries have to transfer to China, precision mold industry usher in a new round of development opportunities in China. Forecast, in both inside and outside and flooding has dynamic environment. By 2015, our country precision mold output will reach 350 billion yuan.

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