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Professional optimization on the mold/die structure, to achieve the cost down on the part

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GDM focus on the précised injection molds, stamping dies, precise stamping dies, and precise parts machining. GDM have have provided service to domestic and overseas customers in the area of automotive, baby car, OA and home appliance etc. Now pls let us introduce some design improvement and innovation for your check.

Take an injection mold for air conditioner as example. As below shows, the cavity for the materials in is too deep, so the machining will be hard to achieved, which will affect the delivery time and at the same time the precision cannot be kept too.

GDM analyze and improve the injection mold design structure, and optimize the design to be standards and apply it for other précised molds. Compared with the original design structure which need EDM 24H, but after our improvement the EDM only needs 3H. So it help improve the efficiency highly and keep the precision at the same time.

GDM takes “beyond customers’ expectation” as our business goal, to build the first-class mold company in the world. We are able to make automotive plastic and stamping molds/dies, and we can provide one-stop service for customers.

If you are interested in our automotive molds or dies, pls feel free to enquire with our service staff in the right page or call us by free telephone No. 4008-378-078, we will be very pleased to provide service to you.

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