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Gree Daikin hold the market of development with high speed by independence & creation

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Broad future of precision mold market

With increasing quantity of mold companies & the increasing demands of most fields, , broad future & opportunity for plastic mold market would be brought & precision mold with high quality would be over supply because the field of precision plastic mold is become heating & the information updating & developing of traditional industries.

The manufacturing qualification of precision mold in China has improved from this year. Each large plastic mold would reach over 50t, & the precision would reach 3cm for the precision mold. For plastic mold with multi- cavity, the cavity can reach 7800 for one encapsulation mold. For High speed mold, heterotype material mold & main profile mold with double cavity with high speed 4m/min can be manufactured.

Taking an advance during the marketing opportunity

Under the influence of the multi government policies & marketing space expanded, the industrial field of Car, IT , package develops with high speed, mass production & with high ranking. Therefore, the above industries would have great demands of different ranks of molds. The development of a part in market would have great influence by many elements.

Only technical creation can meet the requirement of the marketing

First, Marketing requirement. When the part is needed by the market, that means the mold of the part has the opportunity to be sold. Second, the part quality. If the quality & technology of the part can be more creative & improved, the part would be more valuable & popular in the market, especially for the field of car, in which quality about precision , service life, & tolerance should be requested more strictly. With the all machining equipment of imported top précised machines with the brand Makino, Mitsubishi & Toshiba which has great advantage of precision mold.

Gree Daikin has technology of part countermeasure & equipment to manufacture précised plastic mold, précised sheet metal die, to offer a whole service for the project. Welcome to dial 4008-378-078 or consult the on-line customer service on your right, GDM would provide the best countermeasure of the mold, part & project when you have problem.

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