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GDM Held Donation Book Activity in Staff Birthday Party

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Since ended the student life and went to the job position, would you receive any book as the annual birthday gift? Maybe yes, maybe never. From March 2012, GDM trade union launched the " Seeding Wisdom, Transfer Knowledge " as the theme of the book donation activity of employees. Each employee chooses their own birthday gift—book at that month, which is presented personally by the leadership.

Staff is the basis of company growth and development, and it is the core competitiveness of enterprises. In order to strengthen employee consideration, cultivate learning-oriented, knowledge-based workforce, and build a knowledge-based enterprises to create conditions for GDM staffs. Since March 2012, the use of trade union funds to buy books for the staffs as a birthday gift on birthday party. The activity has already been organized 13 times, and totally donate more than 600 books covering all aspects of economics, management, technology, humanities and arts etc.

With more and more similar actions, GDM is making "Sunshine, harmonious and efficient" corporate culture come true.The employees is growing in this widely platform. GDM care and cherish every employee sincerely, as same as their customers.

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