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Germany EHEIM Company Visited GDM for Cooperation

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On July 31st, Germany EHEIM (EHEIM) visited GDM. Germany EHEIM company was founded in 1949, the production base is located in Germany Middlesex (Deizisau). As the leader in high-end products aquarium, EHEIM is well known with high-quality filters, pumps, heating rods and other aquarium equipment. EHEIM always lead the development trend of the entire aquarium technology, and want to seek excellent mold making suppliers in China.

EHEIM knows GDM after searching in the internet, and is deeply absorbed by its powerful strength and impressive management. The company focused on the choice of the main processing equipment, "Makino, Mitsubishi" two major brands, and strive to achieve the "Device Manager Standardization" and "flexible production organization." Positioning precision machining accuracy is no more than 0.006mm, repeat positioning accuracy is no more than 0.004mm., Under constant temperature and humidity of the processing environment, they can ensure 0.001mm precision.

The company is committed through using of PDM, MES, ERP system, creating a set of designing, manufacturing and management in one of the "digital factory." There is more than 100 sets mold design capacity per month, and 200 sets processing capacity per month.

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