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French Valeo Auto-plastic precision mold

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French Valeo group is an automotive supplier all over the world, partner to all automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo denoted itself on 4 mainly fields, which is thermal powertrain system, visual system, comfort and driving assistance systems, thermal systems. It was founded 90 years before at Paris as its headquarter. In 29 countries around the world with over 124 factories, 16 research center, 35 development center, 12 distribution centers and 74,800 employees, annual sales of 12.11 billion Euros.

GDM was investigated by French Valeo group at the end of 2012. After realized GDM, 2 sites domestic of Valeo started cooperation with GDM at April of 2013. 2 years well cooperated help GDM continue cooperating with another 9 different sites, 2 systems, over 100 sets of Auto-plastic precision tools. What’s more, at the top half year of 2015, GDM realized double cooperation orders from each site of Valeo, both Valeo and GDM is full of hope for the future cooperation.

Part Info.

Auto-plastic precision mold


over 100sets

Application area

Auto field-lighting/ interior decoration/outside decoration/air-conditioning


(Die size, weight, press machine tonnage, precision and technology)

1、Auto-lighting part

Part material:PBT-ASA-GF20,PC,PP+TD40,PC+PEI

Part size:MAX-388*397*275(mm)

Tool size:MAX-1,600*1,050*1,112(mm)

Tool weightMAX-12,000KG

Part characteristics:

1. High falling, using 5 axis CNC with multi-angle processing, double-end EDM machine improve processing efficiency;

2. Complex and deep cavity structure, deformation must be strictly controlled;

3. Polished appearance requirements to 3 mic. Diamond, to avoid gas mark, welding line, silver grain appearance defects;

4. PEI in high temperature material molding, strict technological parameters;

5. Reflect surface CNC directly electroplating processing is completed, do not need polishing.

2.Auto air-contioning part

Part material:PP-TD20,POM

Part size:MAX-197*17*274(mm)

Tool size:MAX-730*700*907(mm)

Tool weight:MAX-3000KG

Part characteristics:

1. Assembly dimension accuracy within 0.05 mm;

2. According to customer's 2D part mold design before standard unilateral tolerance to modify 3 d product, avoid dimension NG;

3. Blades cut gate automatically, feeding balance can be controlled within 0.5.

3、Auto- outside decoration part

Part material:ABS,TP0

Part size:MAX-1,232*332*180(mm)

Tool size:MAX-2,140*1,500*945(mm)

Tool weight:MAX-25,000KG

Part characteristics:

1. Mold size more than 2 m, using large horizontal, five axis machining center;

2. Assembly dimension accuracy within 0.05 mm;

3. Not allow gas mark, welding line, silver grain appearance defects.

4、Auto- interior decoration part

Part material:ASA,ABS,PC

Ppart size:MAX-881*204*77.5(mm)

Pool size:MAX-1,265*800*616(mm)

Pool weight:MAX-4,000KG

Part characteristics:

1. Complicated shape and high requirements for processing machines;

2. Assembly dimension accuracy within 0.05 mm;

3. The surface electroplating, PL step requirement of 0.05 MM.

GDM is first-class precision mold maker all over the world. It can make maximum part with 2500 mm(L)X 1800 mm(W) X 1200(H)mm and 25T precision plastic mold, covering cold runner, hot runner, no flow mark forming mold, muti-color mold, embedded mold and so on. GDM is famous of short delivery, high quality and stable production advantage.

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