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Denso (guangzhou nansha) co., LTD. Auto precision parts

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Denso (guangzhou nansha) co., LTD., founded in 2004 on July 21, plant type is denso wholly owned subsidiary of investment in China. The company is located in the nansha area huangge in guangzhou international automobile industrial park, the existing staff 930 people, plans to staff development at the end of 2008 to 1300. Company is mainly engaged in automotive engine control system, filter (/), horn, chassis control systems and equipment, mold production and operation. As co types - the cause of China's power transmission division products core production bases, denso (guangzhou nansha) always adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, with "the love of the natural environment, and social coexistence" business philosophy, using advanced technology to the society pay attention to environmental protection of the highest quality products.

Main cooperation for the wind leaf precision parts in the engine control system products, product dynamic balance, beating requirement is very high, is making the home appliance industry gree daikin blades to a level of ascension. Denso in global auto parts factory in 2014, ranked second in the home, its business all over the world.

Part Info.

Home appliance precision plastic mold


over 20sets tools

Application area

Home appliance---- refrigerator


(Die size, weight, press machine tonnage, precision and technology)

Parts weight: MAX - 1400 KG

Parts size  : MAX - 900 * 600 * 600 (mm)

Product size  : MAX - 300 * 300 * 454 (mm)

Features  :

1, high product requirements and the parts can't polishing processing;

2, high positioning progress, high product test schedule;

3, the machining accuracy is reached 0.002 mm.

Gree daikin precision parts processing precision is high, the quality is good, a test is put into production, very at ease. Denso (guangzhou nansha) co., LTD

Gree daikin is a leading international manufacturer of precision parts, the company introduces the advanced processing equipment, the Japanese WAIDA optical curve grinding machine, okamoto, inside and outside grinder, MITSUI MITSUI and high precision surface grinding machine and CNC grinding machine, kuroda surface grinding machine, precision parts processing can achieve + / - 0.001 mm.

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