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China international plastic & rubber industry exhibition

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23th~26th April 2014


Guangzhou China input & output product trade exhibition , room 4.2

Exhibition background:

China international plastic & rubber industry exhibition, once every year(This is 28th time), it is the longest and biggest influence. It’s the most spectacular and longest plastic exhibition in China, it is the only China exhibition that Europe plastic & rubber industry manufacture business association have sponsored continuous for 25 years. more than 12000 person from 150 different country and area visit the exhibition, 65% foreign people. It is the only one which approve by the UFI international exhibition association, and support by several association all over the world.

more than 79.3% exhibitor are satisfied for the participant’ quality. 80.3% exhibitor plan to join in the next exhibition. Mainly mold company form the region of Jiangzhe in Profession manufacture house furnishings mold field. and there are some big automobile (Kaihua) mold plant, the occupy of the automobile mold plant is little.

The exhibition style:

the picture show many customer is inquiring our product in our company booth.

this drawing show that our product are very popular, and we are talking with two foreign customers.

Exhibition harvest

This time we rent big booth, locating on the main corridors. But there are few people in this exhibition room which was built casually. Besides, there are more people in other exhibition rooms. Our booth is bigger than most of booths in our “C” exhibition room, but as our booth is remote, few people visit our booth. Our booth decoration is great, but we should do better in the product layout which is less attraction to the audience, not show our main product, and not relate our product and mold fitly. The exhibitor are mainly machine suppliers, automotive product suppliers. Our product are mainly air-condition and office appliance product, and our target customer can not pay attention for our booth. The customer mainly come from Europe and Middle East, they pay more attention to the housing appliance electron and automotive product.

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