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19th~16th Apr. 2014


Japan Osaka international exhibition centre

Exhibition background:

Japan Osaka international exhibition centre(INTERMOLD 2014), once every year, is held by Japan mold industry association, strongly support by Economic industry Ministry, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Osaka government, Osaka industry and commerce association, Japan trade development association and so on. This exhibition is hold in Osaka this year, next year it will be hold in Tokyo, the schedule follow like this. There are many professional person who come from Japan and all over the world in this exhibition. More than 300 exhibitor join in the exhibition last year, in total 800 booth, they were come from China, Australia, Canada, Denmark, French, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korean, Taiwan, England, USA and so on. More than 90 percent of the exhibitor feel satisfied for this exhibition. At the same time, more than 45000 professional buyer visit this exhibition, they mainly come from this 24 countries and district, for example Japan, Korean, China, Taiwan, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Sweden, French, Germany and son on.

the area of this exhibition is 35000 m², The exhibitor divide into Number 6 exhibit A and Number 6 exhibit B. The number 6 exhibit A are mainly Japan mold, tools, machine company, The Number 6 exhibit B divide into four parts, one part is China exhibit, one part is Thailand exhibit, one part is Korean exhibit, and the last one is Japan exhibit, they are profession in the mold ,steel, machine, tools field.

More than 85% exhibitor came from Japan. Some customers will choose the native Japan company as the transportation fee.

The exhibition style:

the picture show customer is inquiring our product in our company booth.

this picture show our company booth’s full view.

Exhibition Harvest:

We do not reach our target, just gain a normal harvest. The exhibitor mainly is mold company which are professional for big sheet products, less than 10 exhibitor is automotive and OA mold company. There are famous sheet mold company in this exhibition, for example, Dakeng precision company mainly provide automotive and housing appliance sheet mold. Tongkou manufacture company mainly provide automotive important security product mold, and Shenzhen MeiNie sheet mold company are professional for the automotive and OA sheet mold. To inject mold, ZheJiang Binhai mold plastic company mainly provide automotive, motorbike and lamps injection mold. Jiejiang Kaihua mold company mainly provide automotive, housing appliance and precision mold. Songye sheet manufacture company mainly provide automotive and medicine mold. In the same time, Our company mainly provide air-condition, OA, automotive mold, are more synthetical than others in the Number 6 exhibit B. More than 150 customer and provider visit our booth, the occupy of the target customer is low. there are few visitors than Guangzhou and Shanghai exhibition. Even so, we collected some important target customers information, we will keep in touch with them and try our best to begin our corporation.

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