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InterPlas Thailand 2013

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20th~23th June 2013


Thailand Bangkok International exhibition centre

InterPlas. Thailand, once every year. So far it have hold successfully 19 times in Bangkok , which is the only one plastic & rubber production technology industry exhibition in Southeast Asia and the biggest influence rubber industrial type mold exhibition. More than 40000 spectators, 1300 provider, more than 25 countries participate in this exhibition at 2012, the area of exhibition are more than 30000 m². There are two topic in this exhibition, plastic and rubber machine. The exhibition is profession, showing the level of Asia plastic, rubber and mold technology development.

The exhibition is profession, showing the level of Asia plastic, rubber and mold technology development.

There are more than 1000 exhibitor, the number of visitor in 20th ~21th are close to last year’s, Most of them are our target customer .The number of visitor in 22th are more than the 20~21th’s, but few target customer than 20~21th’s. This exhibition just have 10 mold company, more than 70% are blow molding company. Our main competitor is Binhai plastic mold company ,which is one of the most three top mold and injection company in Zhejiang Huangyan district. They have more than 1000 staff , and the number of the mold department more than 400 staff. They mainly provide automotive mold and product, which will participate in this exhibition every year. Our booth area is 18 m², in total 3 staff join in.

Exhibition style:

the picture show customer is inquiring our product in our company booth.

this picture show our company booth’s full view.

Exhibition harvest:

GDM gains a high popularity in the exhibition, at the same time have important implications for GDM to develop the Thailand market. the Thailand are one of most important in ASEAN, the position is important , the political and economic environment is stable, and Thailand have a big influence to other surrounding countries, have a big market, and a lower cost. so Thailand is our target foreign investment district. In recent years, Thailand try best to develop the built of free trade district to fit the trend of the globe unity. Thailand gain a big development with other countries in this field. Since 2010, our trade with Thailand develop very fast, the trade total amount increase 37.9% ,which reach 45.7 billion dollar. among the total amount, Thailand output total amount reach 21.47 billion dollar and the input total amount reach 24.2 billion dollar. China is the biggest output market, and the second biggest input country, the occupy of Thailand input & output increasingly grow.

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