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Shenzhen international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition(SIMM)

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Shenzhen exhibition center

Exhibition background:

Shenzhen international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition (SIMM), 1 times a year (in 16th), belongs to ZongGeZhan, main machine tools machinery. Founded in 2000, starting from the exhibition area of 8000 square meters, now gradually developed to 10 square meters, from first to thirteenth session of exhibition, the association (UFI) as an international exhibition organizers in China's first recognized and recommended by the international professional exhibition in south China, is one of the shenzhen brand exhibition of "shenzhen machinery exhibition" has been successfully held 15 sessions, historical accumulation, the theme of the exhibition has been meticulously covers metal cutting machine tools, sheet metal forming machine, intelligent integration and robot technology, mould, spare parts and special steel, cutting tool material and tools, software and 3 d printing, and other professional fields. March each year, elite in the equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad, the organization of the chamber of commerce and large-scale production enterprise team, relevant government agencies and industry officials gathered in PengCheng, with the help of "shenzhen machinery exhibition" platform resources to promote the enterprise image, expanding horizons, to find a more broad space for cooperation and development.

Professional audience: this exhibition to 73357, 57868 population, China accounted for 85%, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan accounted for 10%, overseas accounted for 5%, the exhibitors: 1180, accounted for 10.85%, foreign exhibition area of 110000 square meters. Less participation mould enterprise, mainly for large-scale mold factory (typical representative has: Eva holdings, dongjiang group, group of lines, silver baoshan new, XMC sheng, auspicious xin, China and Thailand mould, easy molding). Only Eva attend this year. Eva precision mould on the left, invest more, set all marketing activities, attract a lot of traffic, on the right side of open die teacher all the fanfare on drainage, a variety of marketing activities from the audience on the opposite side of the entrance to attract traffic to our public.

The exhibition style:

The exhibition harvest:

GDM gains a high popularity in the exhibition, a four-day exhibition consumption enterprise propaganda album is nearly 1000, access to more than 200 card, valid business CARDS accounted for 30%. Gree daikin mould with injection molding, stamping, fin products a complete set of solutions of technology and equipment, product project to provide one-stop service for customers. Predominantly "makino, mitsubishi" all kinds of large-scale, precision imported equipment more than 200 sets, in the constant temperature, and humidity environment, can ensure the machining accuracy of 0.001 mm, to help customers achieve "perfect quality". Advanced CAE/CAD/CAM technology, the application of advanced ERP system, realize the information management of production process, to help customers achieve "super short delivery".

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