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The international production technology, assembly and mold exhibition

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Exhibition background:

The international production technology, assembly and mold exhibition held in Shanghai new international expo center (DMC), 1 time every year, DMC2015 to "integrated, intelligent, automation" as the window is 4.0 "industry" as the development direction of intelligent manufacturing technology application in the mold and related industry. The mould exhibition with "intelligent die & mould manufacturing" and "integration of machine tools, forming technology and die" as the theme; As the "precision", "die", and "forming technology and equipment" three plates show the connotation of the advanced manufacturing technology, the service of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in our country. Die manufacturing equipment exhibits focus on integration, intelligent, automation drive industry transformation and upgrading; Show 3 d to add material in the manufacturing area, mould materials exhibition exhibition has formed plate effect, automation equipment, extending to mold as the link of the upstream and downstream high-end manufacturing, high-tech industries and traditional industries passion collision. The DMC2015 exhibition 60000 square meter scale of record single years. Five pavilion (W1 - W5 hall) of the overall planning layout: W1 museum display auto mould, W2 pavilion for composite mould pavilion, W3 pavilion covers precision equipment, 3 d material manufacturing, forming cutter tools, equipment and measuring instrument, W4 pavilion and W5 hall for the precision equipment and feasible.although. Got the national association of more than 30 local mould and mould concentrated area and industry organization support at home and abroad. China mold and die industry association group member existing more than 1200, is a state-owned assets supervision and administration, the ministry of civil affairs registered in mould industry is the only national industry organization.

The exhibition style:

Exhibition harvest

This time we rent big booth, locating on the main corridors. But there are few people in this exhibition room which was built casually. Besides, there are more people in other exhibition rooms. Our booth is bigger than most of booths in our “C” exhibition room, but as our booth is remote, few people visit our booth. Our booth decoration is great, but we should do better in the product layout which is less attraction to the audience, not show our main product, and not relate our product and mold fitly. The exhibitor are mainly machine suppliers, automotive product suppliers. Our product are mainly air-condition and office appliance product, and our target customer can not pay attention for our booth. The customer mainly come from Europe and Middle East, they pay more attention to the housing appliance electron and automotive product.

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