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Thailand 2015 MANUFACTURING EXPO exhibition

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June.19 2015-June.27.2015


Thailand Bangkok International exhibition centre

Exhibition background:

Thailand 2015 MANUFACTURING EXPO exhibition, 1 (23) has been held every year, involving InterMold mold, Automotive car manufacture, Assembly and Assembly technology, ICS subcontract exhibition, exhibition Napcon electronics, Surface & Coating Surface treatment; A total of six industries are respectively at the same time. InterMold mould, the theme of mould, strong professional, technical level is representative, reflects Asia mold technology development level. More than 58000 spectators, 520 brands more than 21 countries to participate in this exhibition. Booth around zhejiang huangyan binhai mould, huada azusa, zhejiang sheng mould, the main production of light, such as bumpers, door plank big car die.

The exhibition style:

The exhibition harvest:

Large car appearance, the booth is to attract customers eye booth, our booth visits to 250 people, nearly half of the target customers and suppliers; 20% of peers; 30% of the target customer. Thai local customer accounts for about 60%; Japanese customer accounted for about 25%; The rest of China Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and the United States customer accounts for about 15%. Atul gawande at the customer focus on the following two points: DM in Thailand for offices or factories; B.G DM are forming plant (especially in Thailand). Gree daikin mould has been show in Thailand for many years, this year is more specialized exhibition organizing Thailand, harvest more rich, have direct customer in Thailand to our booth intention under the order.

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