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Guangzhou international exhibition on die

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19th~21th Sep. 2012



Exhibition background:

Guangzhou international exhibition on die, 1 times a year (the eighth) this year, is Asia's leading mold exhibition, Euromold sister, south China's largest and most professional mold exhibition..

This exhibition to collect 360 exhibitors from 10 countries, more than 2013 rose 9% from a year, the exhibition area of 20000 square meters, attracting about 20000 professional audience, rose 10% from a year than in 2013. , including 63 buyers were from adidas, ASM, bayer, byd, foxconn, Honda, philips, TCL, midea, three beautiful motor, wrigley, such as a well-known brand, to look for product design, molding and mass production of a variety of solutions, to witness this event as a mold industry leading purchasing platform in Asia. 1.1 pavilion pavilion quarter three concentrations show mold enterprise, a quarter belong to special 3 d printing. 2.1 pavilion is mould processing (mainly show machine tool equipment), and special die mold. Exhibitors mould large enterprise 80% for auto mould manufacturing enterprises, among them, the large plastic mold factory is in the majority. Sheet metal mold company representatives have new yong xu hardware mold, xin hardware mold technology and so on, in the injection mould company representative with mold, kelon mould, high mould, dongyang set loose, easy molding technology, such as mold enterprise.

The exhibition style:

The exhibition harvest:

GDM gains a high popularity in the exhibition, the GDM exhibits have cars, OA, precision, appliances, and other car headlights, interiors, exteriors, air conditioning four categories, OA points two types of exterior and interior parts, home appliance display refrigerator and air conditioning sheet metal pieces of plastic parts, other display child seats. Visit customers and suppliers, etc. About 550. 41 visiting potential customers (including both at home and abroad), 14% than the stream of people. Domestic customers are more procurement staff to collect information, foreign customers is more direct communication take sample site.

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