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Company Culture

GDM's company vision

GDM’s company vision

Our target is to beyond customer's expectation, and bulid world-class mold company

GDM's core value

GDM's core value

Satisfy customers, satisfy our employees, satisfy our suppliers.

GDM's mission

GDM's mission

Provide products beyond customers’ expectation, to explore products possibility and to create the future of customers’ products.

Development orientation

Development orientation

To be preciser, to be stronger, to be bigger.

Working directions

Working directions

Standards first, training and working, pay attention to details, standardization working flows, process management.

Company culture

Company culture

To be positive, harmonious, efficient

Staff Training

Standards first, training and working, standardization

Going through to the workers at the production line, training at time, at place and at objectives, to achieve the management of “Standardization: Standards first, training and working, standardization”, and to delete the waste of quality and efficiency caused by the individual capability difference.


Pay attention to details, standardization, process management

With the application of 5S management, all employees fulfill “say what I do, do what I say”, “I’m responsible of my post, no mistake for my post, take trust on my post”, to build the culture of all employees.


all employees join, and improve instantly

GDM carry out “all employees join, and improve instantly” activity from time to time, thousands of improvement programs from “one piece of paper, one drop of water”, every employees insist on self improvement. Everyone fully bring their own ability, character, passion to improve the organization strength.

Instant Improvement


Splendid Moment

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