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Quality Witness

01INGENVITYPowerful R&D Team

Polishing process--Xiaoying Zhao

“My position is the most ordinary one, and my hands is the most cherish weapon for supporting the family’s living. I hope that each part send out from my hand will be the perfect artwork. ”

45°Angle of sand paper burnish, showing the meticulous skill with Pure manual polishing process; 25% the secondary grinding time decides the affection of eliminating grain of mold’s surface. When the surface roughness reaches to μm level, it will be like a real mirror.
Artisans’ Dream

02EXQUISITE STRATEGYProduce boutique molds to strengthen the country construction.

[Accuracy Capacity] The machining tolerance can be up to ±0.001mm for high precision parts, ±0.01mm for injection molds and sheet metal dies, and ±0.002mm for precision sheet metal dies.

[Equipment Capacity] Full range Japanese imported equipments with famous brands Makino, Mitsubishi and Toshiba. The tolerance can be up to ±0.01mm.

 Exquisite Strategy

03DELIVERY TIMEShorten the mold delivery to achieve the maximization of customer benefits

[Design Management] Advanced parallel design technology with CAE/CAD/CAM, shorten 1/2 delivery time.
[Internal Logistics]U shape layout reduces waste of process flow, creating a convenient and efficient logistics environment to realize standardized logistics management.
[Planning Management] Advanced APS planning system and ERP system, distributes and monitor manpower, equipment and material reasonably.
[Machining Management] Optimized machining technology and widely-used CAM automatically, increase machining efficiency and shorten time effectively.


04QUALITY CONTROLComplete Quality Control System, Provide Perfect Quality Service to Customer

Established standard quality control system and special quality management department to ensure the quality with high precision testing facilities combined with automated testing method and standardized control processes on incoming quality control(IQC),forming quality control(IPQC) and output quality control(OQC).


QC Management

Standard of quality guarantee system

01Standard of quality guarantee system

For each order, Gree Daikin would follow with the strick quality guarantee system, from getting order→part analysis→starting design→buying steel→material specification→manufacturing→process control inspection→assembly & mold trial →mold shipping, in order for 100% satisfaction from our customers.

Standard of quality guarantee system
Research & design

02Strict Research & design analysis order of each order

For part quality, we have strict plan & quality judgment from the beginning of pre-study to finish design & review. Related documents would be provided at each period from getting order → part analysis→design review→design inspection, to make sure the shortened designing time at the premise of high quality.

Research & design
Steel Material Management

03Management of material supplier chosen

To guarantee the quality of steel material , we have three countermeasures for steel material : Steel inspection when arriving, supplier investigation, regular evaluation for supplier. Before buying steel, we would have strict inspection for the qualification of the supplier; After deciding supplier, inspection & supervising would be kept on for each month to analysis the steel quality. For the supplier who offer not satisfactory steel, guidance & correction would be given before starting the following process.

Steel Material Management
manufacturing management

04All Staff Management during manufacturing

To make sure the quality & safety during manufacturing, every staff have to follow the “3-don’t” principle. ( Don’t accept , don’t manufacture and don’t sell the disqualified molds & components)

 manufacturing management

Honored Qualification

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