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Innovation construction of precise mould, saving cost above 22%

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GREE DAIKIN PRECISION MOLD, a factory concentrating on injection mold, sheet metal die, precise press mold and precise parts processing & manufacturing, possesses 30 years experience of mould technology and serves to kinds of enterprises at home and abroad. Now let’s take a look at how GDM improve the construction to bring a substantially cost reduction.

Baby carrier injection mold in GDM, the base mould is the original A-plate cavity basically without any insert structure. There exists several problem of the design.

First is the difficulty of processing with long cycle. If the base mould belongs to the deep cavity one and putting the cavity into the A plate down to 180mm—240mm, it’s hard to process for the depth is too deep. Besides, the positions need to be processed are too much then the cycle will last long.

Second is the cost. The size of A plate is big so the material fee is high. Because customer requires the original cavity, the thickness should be wide enough for enfolding the cavity into the A plate. For example, if the thickness of M140537A is 450mm, the thickness of M140505A should also be 450mm.

Through technical improvement, GDM has a remarkable benefit:

After using the improved construction, the size of the mould base zooms down a lot for the same size product.

The material amount of the A plate are also reducing and the cycle are shorter, which improves the efficiency and reduces the cost. Hence, the mould manufacture cycle is shortened and we receive the faith of customers.

22% of the manufacture cost of the mould base is saved. According to the price of the A plate material P20H(17RMB/KG), it can save about 17 thousand 2 hundred and twenty four RMB.

8.5% of Manufacture cycle can be saved.

This improvement method have had advocated for all baby carrier injection mould base.

Improved A plate size 1150X 1050X 310

GDM insists on beyond customers’ anticipation as the operation target and establishes a first-rate mold enterprise. We possess sheet metal die and a complete package of technology and equipment for précised injection mold, offering one-stop service, providing free customized optimizing product, improving mold productivity and realizing perfect in quality and extra-short period.

If you are interested in the product of GDM or have any questions, please feel free to contact us with on-line service and free call which are on the right side and we are pleased to serve you.

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