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High quality and precision mould have closely relation with property of material.

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The main reason restricting the development of our country’s automobile, household appliance and light industry is the mould manufacture. As the rapid development and improvement of the fast forming soft hardware and fast forming material, the strength and the precision of the fast forming parts have a continuous improvement. High quality and precision mould have closely relation with property of material.

In allusion to the material property for the mould manufacture, details are as follow:

1.Annealing technology

Annealing temperature scope is large and the hardness for annealing is low and its fluctuation range is small. The rate for annealing is high.


Processing a lower hot forging deformation resistance, good plasticity, wide temperature scope for forging and lower net structure carbide tendency based on the analysis from forge and cold crack.

3.Oxidation and decarburization sensitivity

Under heating at high temperature, having good oxidation resistance, lower speed on decarburization, low sensitivity for heating medium, trouble rate is uncommon.

4.Cutting processing

Large amount for cutting, low cutting waste, roughness for processing face is also low.

5.Hardening capacity

Face hardness is balanced and high after quenching.

6.Hardening penetrate capacity

After hardening, a deeper harden layer will exist. Hardening can achieve by adopting ease harden medium.

7.Grind ability

The wear and tear for grinder is small. The none-burning limit is large. Abrasion and cracking will not occur frequently for the insensitivity on the grinder quality and cooling condition.

8.Hardening deformation cracking tendency

The volume for the normal hardening is stable; the deformation tendency for shape is low. Normal hardening cracking sensitivity is low and also for hardening temperature and shape for the work piece.

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