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Three indispensable points for choosing precise mould industry

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Nowadays countless precise mould industries on the market, but industry like GREE DAIKIN is only a few. GREE DAIKIN PRECISE MOLD INDUSTRY concentrates on the precise injection mold, sheet metal stamping die, precise press tool, and precise parts machining. GDM processes 30 years of mold technology and 26 sets of Mitsubishi WEDM processing equipment. Please purchase our product with confidence.

Three indispensible points for choosing precise mold industry

High precision

Mold requires not only high processing precision but also high processing quality. Generally, tolerance should keep within the micron level. Only high precision mold can guarantee a certain product precision. The extension of mold life can be achieved only under the condition of the quality rate of product. If mold life is long, the technology of equipment is expensive and the processing expense covering 10~30 percent of the cost so the long life mold make more sense.

Short cycle

This mainly satisfies the producing requirement and market competition. When it comes to the cost, it relates to the mold cost, the complexity of mold structure, mold material, manufacturing precision and processing method. Therefore, processing technology should be reasonable designed and select appropriate processing equipment to keep processing cost low.

complicated mold shape

The working parts are generally including 2D & 3D data but not simple plane graph. For example, the automotive sheet covering mold, the most part of the inner cavity is made of curve face. The material hardness is high and the general mold is made of quenching tool steel or cemented carbide. It is difficult using traditional processing methods. At present, during mold processing manufacture, method used are mainly the normal machining and electron discharge machining. In order to reduce manufacturing cycle and to lower the cost, it is necessary to adopt advantage cutting technology to processing mold. The emergence of high speed cutting technology in manufacture field is just satisfying the requirement and features of these requirement.

GDM is the strongest precise mold manufacturer at home. We put efforts to achieve “perfect quality”and “super short cycle” to maximize benefits. If you are interested in the product of GDM or have any questions, please feel free to contact us with on-line service and free call which are on the right side and we are pleased to serve you.

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