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GDM’s obvious advantage in large mold process

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[Lead] with the repaid development in auto industry, it brings about the increasing demand for large and decorative mold in auto field. For example, auto instrument panel, designers continuously improve such product’s specification and increase their complexity. Therefore, more advanced processing technology is needed to make large mold processing as easy as the small one.

GDM has precise processing equipment imported from Japan such as Makino, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. Standardized equipment management can be realized through selecting same brand and model equipment. The processing precision of Makino CNC, EDM equipment can reach ±0.01mm; horizontal CNC equipment A100E can clamp 302 tools; A66E can keep unattended operation for 24 hours; vertical CNC press equipment F5, A33i,A56i can have 30 thousand revolving speed the highest. 26 sets of Mitsubishi WEDM equipment have the processing precision of ±0.003mm.

Problems existing in the large mold processing:

Large specification and weight

During the mold being processed, how to deal with the large size and weight for the mold is a great challenge for the processing industry. Large mold always need large labor force, customized equipment and repeatedly adjustment. Besides, the processing precision can’t be guaranteed under the various potential influence factors.

Purchasing cost problem

The most direct cost with the processing & manufacturing is the cost of purchasing the press. The press can manufacturing large die is with considerable high cost especially with complicated technology. Several presses are required for completing the whole operations from roughing to fashioning machining. If both the roughing and fashioning machining can be operated on a suitable press and even with just one clamping adjustment, many problems can be solved and the precision can assure.

Features in large mold processing center:

It’s necessary to explore features about large mold processing center.

Iron bed structure, machine tool spindle has radiating function

Steel material has a high rigidity and radiating feature, so it’s the most stable material for manufacturing machine tool structure parts. For the machine tool for milling large parts, a high rigidity steel structure is needed and with spindle having radiating functions.

Thermal stability technology

Because processing last long, environmental temperature should be considered. For example, when loading large mould on normal machine tool and temperature difference reach 10℃, the machine tool column will have 6℃ temperature change, which will cause 0.07mm variation of the parallelism of the spindle. Thus, the design of the machine tool has to consider about the temperature effectiveness to avoid affecting the precision of processing parts


With regard to a large mould processing center which can travel with high speed, the rotate speed of the spindle of the large mould processing bed should has 20000r/min and the speed for metal removal can reach 762~20000mm/min.


Precision runs through each stage in mould processing. In order to achieve both roughing and fashioning machining on one processing center, the precision of locating and double locating should be strictly controlled. Specified large mould processing center has the locating precision of ±1.5μm and double locating of ±1μm. At the same time, the pitch precision should keep within 5μm.

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